Mission Statement

I am dedicated to matters of public interest before state agencies and the Texas Legislature. Public interest law is pursued on behalf of individuals and groups that are not typically served by the for-profit-bar. This work is not confined to one legal practice area but is undertaken primarily to advance a public concern rather than for commercial or personal gain.

 For over 45 years I have worked for individuals and groups opposite large corporate enterprises with legions of lawyers at their disposal. The struggles have been difficult, but there have been many gratifying outcomes. 

There are many areas of law where special interests have put significant public concerns at a severe disadvantage. This includes many legal issues related to the disclosure of individuals or groups who are funding campaigns for public office, to preserving animals and places of beauty and to the elimination of predatory lending practices. These are but a few examples where there is great need for advocacy and reform of existing laws.

Whatever success I have had as a lawyer has been due in great part to the time and talent of co-workers and clients. My dedication to public interest matters is a way for me to “pay it forward” for all those gifts received. 

Jim Boyle is recognized throughout the state for his knowledge and abilities in public utility and administrative law; his savvy and effective work for clients before administrative agencies, the Texas Legislature, and the courts; and his high professional and ethical standards.    

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