Jim Boyle Played an Important Role in Successful Outcomes

 Before State Agencies

 Landowners and environment

  • Denial of routing of high voltage power line across Fort Worth Nature Center
  • Denial of construction permit for coal-fired power plant near San Antonio
  • Denial of routing of high voltage power line near Inks Lake State Park


  • Removal of hundreds of millions of dollars in excess costs from electric rates for construction of nuclear power plants
  • Denial of consolidation of water utilities that would have raised rates for thousands of customers
  • Moved ratepayers of private water utility to municipally-owned utility with lower rates
  • Abandonment of effort by agency to severely limit number of questions or documents to be supplied in review of rates of electric companies

Before Texas Legislature

  • Establishing standards for construction of manufactured housing
  • Adoption of Expanded Local Calling Act
  • Adoption of Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act
  • Transfer of water/sewer ratemaking jurisdiction to the Public Utility Commission
  • Expanded service territory of  a municipally-owned utility
  • Keeping Northeast Texas utility from imposing higher rates through electric utility deregulation
  • Passage of legislation that provided the basis for a municipally-owned utility to be able to offer cable TV and internet service